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Gesha village CHAKA

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The rich and complex Ethiopian gesha, we can't say enough about this coffee honestly! you might want to have a seat while the flavors run through your mouth.

Goodness ...Coffee


Origin:  Gesha Village


Farm:    Gesha Village

SCA Score:   86.75

Processing:   Natural

Altitude :   1911 – 2069 M.A.S.L

Profile: Tea Note, Floral, Clean & Balance, Spicy, Dark Chocolate, Sweet, Sweet, Red Grape . 

Roasting Level - Medium

Suitable For- Filter, Espresso, Aeropress, Frenchcpress


Gesha Village Estate is based in Bench-Maji, Ethiopia. Founded in 2011 by Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel, this 471-acre estate can be found roughly 20 kilometers away from the Wild Gori Forests of Geisha.
Over the past seven years, Adam and Rachel have painstakingly developed a coffee farm growing the highest-quality Geisha, on the doorstep of its origin and we have been lucky enough to work with their coffee.
For this line, Gesha village estate blends beautiful coffees from all of the estate’s farm block areas and the entire production season. Available in natural or washed, coffees in the Chaka line offer a consistently delicious profile year after year.