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 So Think about your favorite bar of chocolate, then imagine that in a coffee form. yes ! that is the flavor you get from the Santa Leticia beans. there is a reason this coffee scored almost 90 points. 


Origin: El Salvador 

Variety: pacamera

Farm: Santa Leticia

SCA score: 85.5

Processing: Honey

Altitude : 1,260 - 1,370 M.A.S.L

Profile: pleasant aroma with a fuller body, a chocolatey undertone with hints of honey.

Roasting Level - Medium

Suitable For- Filter, Espresso


This coffee is sourced from Finca Santa Leticia,  Finca Santa Leticia is owned and operated by Ricardo Valdivieso, a third-generation coffee farmer, and his family. Ricardo’s grandfather purchased the land in 1870 and named the Finca after his wife, Leticia.
Finca Santa Leticia was passed down to Ricardo during a time of great turmoil in El Salvador’s history.  At the peak of the conflict in the 1980s, Ricardo came face to face with a firing squad in defense of his family’s land. He was not shot but spent many years in exile before he was able to return home.
The Pacamara coffee variety was created in El Salvador in 1958 by crossing El Salvador’s own Pacas variety and the large-bean Maragojipe variety. When grown near the top of the Santa Ana volcano on Finca Santa Leticia, the resulting giant is a classic expression of Pacamara.
Honey process, meaning the time the fruit was left on the bean whilst drying allowed it to take in more sugars. This slightly reduces the perceived earthiness through a heightened sweetness.