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Colombia Tolima

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This Beautiful coffee Makes you feel there's  a party in your mouth, and everyone is invited! flavors are an excellent mix of fruity and spice oh my... oh my...


Origin: Tolima 

SCA Score: 82


Altitude 1600 – 2100  M.A.S.L

Profile -Clove and vanilla fragranced aroma, complemented by red fruits and jelly. as well as grapefruit acidity. balanced sweetness and cream body.

Roasting Level - Medium

Suitable For- Filter , Espresso

  Colombia is the third-largest coffee-producing country in the world and, until the arrival of Vietnam on the coffee scene (whose outputs are mainly Robusta), Colombia was second only to Brazil.

Coffee in the region is selectively hand-harvested, with most labor being provided by the farmers and their families. Coffee is then pulped in a small mechanical pulper or hand pulper, fermented for between 12 and 24 hours, and washed 2 to 4 times to remove remaining mucilage. Coffee will then be spread to dry on covered or open patios.

 Climate change has also encouraged producers to establish the more rust-resistant varieties of Castillo and Colombia, which are increasingly more prevalent than traditional varieties today.

The drying process in much of Colombia is unique – small-holder farmers spread the parchment across the flat roofs (or ‘Elvas’) of their houses to dry in the sun. Polytunnels and parabolic beds are also used in farms with high altitude and cold weather conditions. Parabolic beds – which are constructed a bit like ‘hoop house’ greenhouses, with airflow ensured through openings in both ends – both protect the parchment from rain and mist as it is dried and prevent condensation from dripping back on the drying beans.