You’ll Need

  • Up to one ounce of coffee beans

  • Coffee grinder

  • Kettle

  • Filters (these typically come with the Aeropress)

  • A funnel to get the coffee grounds into the Aeropress

  • Stirring paddle. 



    • Heat your water by Using an electric kettle helps, as this is typically between 175 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Grind the amount of coffee beans recommended to the fineness indicated.

    • Place a paper filter inside the Aeropress and assemble the device on top of your coffee mug or cup. Drizzle some warm water inside to wet the paper filter.

    • Place a funnel on top of the Aeropress and pour in the coffee grounds. Remove the funnel.

    • Pour in hot water until it reaches the top line in the Aeropress.

    • Stir once, quickly, with your stirring paddle.

    • Insert the plunger and firmly press down until you hear a long hiss.

    • Congratulations, you have a fresh cup of coffee! Taste-test it and see if you need to dilute it with extra hot water.