• Refined Coffee Farm to Cup

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One Coffee = One Tree Planted

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Refined Coffee

At Coffee Refinery we carefully source only the top 5% of specialty grade Arabica Coffee directly from over 50 farms globally. All our Coffee beans are roasted and quality controlled by our Q-Graders. Refined Coffee means one thing to us: absolute perfection!

About us

The Real story of Refined Coffee begins from the passion and drive for everything in our enviroment . the pleasure that comes from consuming the finest of what mother nature has to offer with appreciation to the giving hands and love for rediscovery and precious soils.

Coffee the source of civilizations,cultures and sacred traditions. every single bean has a story to tell from the moment it was handpicked and chosen to travel across the world and into our cups .

Coffee Refinery aims to create a connection between the coffee you enjoy and its origin, From the plant that has grown the beans, the hand that picked it and the farm that harvested the bean, all the way to freshly brewed coffee in your cup. We enable you to discover the beauty that is coffee in your home.